It's easy to sense Jeanine's passion for the health and wellness of people. She believes in the body's ability to heal itself through massage therapy and reflexology. Jeanine utilizes her expertise to assist in this process. Being a student teacher of reflexology for over 20 years, her true joy is here in which healing can be found.

Total Clarity

A massage designed to stimulate circulation and promote relaxation, while also reducing emotional stress. This massage has a rhythmic flow while still addressing knots and muscle tension. The perfect choice for a pampered body and calm mind.

Clarity For The Sole

Reflex points on the hands and feet are stimulated, sending messages from the central nervous system to all organs, glands, and systems of the body. The result is a body in balance with all systems working in harmony.

- Reflexology is accumulative. All sessions are customized to meet the needs on each individual. 

- Packages are available after first session. 

- Please wear comfortable clothing with easy access to lower legs and feet.

Deeper Clarity

Focuses attention to certain painful, stiff "trouble spots" in the body, relieving chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries. This massage goes under the muscle to reach the deeper connective tissue.

Massage Therapy

50 Minute Massage: $100

90 Minute Massage: $130

50 Minute Reflexology: $105