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Discover luxurious natural makeup with superior proven performance.


  • Radiant Glow Veil 4mL
  • Liquid Foundation 10ml
  • Sheer Coverage Concealer 4ml
  • Loose Mineral Bronzer - Sunkissed 0.7g
  • Lip & Cheek Cream 3.5g
  • Foundation Brush

Foundation Shades:

Light: Liquid Foundation - Cream, Sheer Coverage Concealer - Porcelain, Lip & Cheek Cream - Dusk.
Light-Medium: Liquid Foundation - Beige, Sheer Coverage Concealer - Vanilla, Lip & Cheek Cream - Dusk.
Medium: Liquid Foundation - Honey, Sheer Coverage Concealer - Vanilla, Lip & Cheek Cream - Morning.
Tan: Liquid Foundation - Tan, Sheer Coverage Concealer - Sand, Lip & Cheek Cream - Petals.

INIKA Organic Dewy Perfection Set

  • 1. Apply Radiant Glow Veil to prep skin. It will leave a visible dewy luminosity.
    2. Dab & blend Concealer onto any imperfections and dark circles under eyes.
    3. Using the Foundation Brush, buff the Liquid Foundation over skin until evenly blended.
    5. Building gradually, apply Bronzer in circular motions over your cheeks, chin and forehead - where the sun naturally hits your face.
    6. Using your fingertips to warm up the natural oils, gently dab the Lip & Cheek Cream onto the apples of your cheeks, lips and eyelids.
    7. Finish by dapping Radiant Glow Veil onto high points of the face for a visible illumination.

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